Welcome to the official website for the North American Black Fly Association (NABFA).

Here is where you will find:

• resources for North American and international black fly researchers and workers
• the latest NABFA news, including details about our annual meeting
• employment and graduate studies opportunities
• details about new projects, recent publications and ideas

This website is for you, the black fly enthusiast. We always welcome your input as we refine these pages.

Please direct questions / comments to:

John Walz, NABFA President
Metropolitan Mosquito Control District
2099 University Ave West
St. Paul, Minnesota US 55104-3431
Telephone: 651-643-8388, Toll Free: 1-888-440-1848
Email: johnwalz@mmcd.org

Hello colleagues and friends,

I know many of you have heard the sad news about the passing Dr. Doug Craig. I wanted to get this out to those who might not have heard. I know he had many interests. My dealings with him and Ruth were at the annual North American Black Fly Association meetings held at various locations for the last sixteen years. His research and the sharing of his and Ruth’s travels were always valuable contributions to our meetings. I know many in our group feel the same as myself – I was privileged to know him and considered him a friend.

John Walz


North American Black fly Association

A link to his obituary is provided where, I know Ruth and her family, would welcome any comments from our group.



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